2020 New Progressive Agenda

Bernie supporters run the gamut from A-to-Z and from eight to eighty years old and older. That’s the thing about PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM: IT WORKS FOR EVERYONE!!!

This is my vision of what a Progressive Agenda should be and how to pay for it:

1. Public Funding of Campaigns

2. Medicare-For-All

3. End Wars and Occupations;

4. Education-For-All;

5. Nutrition-For-All;

6. DayCare-For-Families;

7. Demand Subsidy Act

8. Web-For-All;

9. Enact legal deadline for U.S. automakers to END the MASS-PRODUCTION of gasoline engines;

10. Green Deal;

11. National voting week (not just one day)

12. Rebuild infrastructure, including mass transportation and underground electrical grid;

13. Restructure tax liability;

14. Repeal and reinstate particular laws; especially re-instate the Glass-Steagal Act Bill Clinton repealed.

We’re going to pay for all these things by the following methods:

1.) Return the TOP MARGINAL TAX RATE to at least 70% and up to 91% JUST LIKE AMERICA DID in the fifties and sixties. Make no mistake about it: this tax rate does NOT APPLY to the working class people of America; just the uber-rich Americans and most importantly, BIG FOREIGN, NATIONAL AND MULTI-NATIONAL corporations.

2.) Impose a small transactional tax on each Wall St. trade and accrue those funds into a single account for weekly distribution to each man and woman of age in the U.S.

It’s called THE DEMAND SUBSIDY ACT and such an act would create the biggest economic boom and job creation in U.S. history because FRONTLOADING DEMAND into the U.S. economy is EXACTLY, PRECISELY what America is missing and sorely needs. (GOP would call this Red Chinese Communism and wealth redistribution)
Bernie Sanders calls it “economic justice.” Study finds a guaranteed income could increase the GNP by over $1 trillion dollars.

3.) Cutting the U.S. military budget; of course progressives want America strong as possible; what Congress and U.S. defense contractors have done is abuse and misuse our tax dollars by spending far more than necessary to have a sound military. The Pentagon reports TRILLIONS of U.S. tax dollars missing and unaccounted for in the Pentagon budget. The Pentagon just wasted over $50 billion on a new F-35 fighter jet that doesn’t even work the way it’s supposed to work; it can’t even fly at night or in bad weather…….for more than $50 BILLION DOLLARS. Did we really need to spend over $50 billion on a new fighter jet that doesn’t even work as advertised?

Dear Trump Supporters

Posted by Peace House on Sunday, April 10, 2016